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Overview of all presented lectures and talks regarding Wikirating (in alphabetical order):

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Friedrich Naumann Foundation

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Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity

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Institut Louis Bachelier

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TEDx Vienna

  • Institute: TEDx Vienna
  • Talk Title:
    "Are we smarter than credit rating agencies?"
  • Date: 2012-11-03
  • Location: Vienna, Austria   
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See the talk on

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Telecom & Management SudParis

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University St. Gallen (HSG)

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  • List of countries and companies used for demonstrating the poll method during the talk
  • 10 students participated

Countries which were rated

Corporations which were rated


The countries listed above received at least 7 or more votes (for corporations there was not enough time left):

Country Avg. value Credit Rating Votes Date
150px-Flag of Bulgaria.png  Bulgaria 00041 000BB 10 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of the People's Republic of China.png  China 00069.3 000A- 10 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of Finland.png  Finland 00074.6 000A 9 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of Germany.png  Germany 00083.4 000AA- 10 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of Greece.png  Greece 00010.8 000CC 8 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of India.png  India 00061.6 000BBB+ 7 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of Italy.png  Italy 00056.6 000BBB 8 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of Russia.png  Russia 00056.1 000BBB 9 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of Singapore.png  Singapore 00078.9 000A+ 7 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of Switzerland.png  Switzerland 00089.1 000AA 8 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of United Kingdom.png  United Kingdom 00077.6 000A+ 9 2012-5-22
150px-Flag of United States.png  United States 00072.4 000A 8 2012-5-22

Note: Normally at least 10 votes are required to calculate an average rating value.

Zurich University of Applied Sciences

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