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Personal information
Real name
Jacek Marczyk
President, Founder, Ontonix S.r.l.

CEO, Ontomed LLC


Places I have lived
Lodz, London, Milan, Turin, Madrid, Venice, Munich, Paris, Como
Polytechnic of Milan (MS Aeronautical Engineering)

Polytechnic of Turin (MS Aerospace Engineering) Polytechnic University of Catalonia (PhD Civil Engineering)

About me
Dr. Marczyk, the founder of Ontonix, has three decades of R&D and product development experience in various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, off-shore, computer hardware and software. He holds an MS in Aeronautics Engineering (Politecnico di Milano), MS in Aerospace Engineering (Politecnico di Torino) and a Ph.D in Civil Engineering (Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya). In the mid 1990s he has introduced to the industry the first commercial tool for large-scale stochastic simulation, ST-ORM. He has pioneered innovative methodologies for uncertainty and complexity management and has published eight books on stochastics, simulation and complexity management. During his career he has held various executive positions and has worked for companies such as EADS, BMW AG, Centric Engineering Systems, ESI, Silicon Graphics, Tecnomare, EASi and MSC Software. He founded Ontonix in 2005, two years after developing the Quantitative Complexity Theory (QCT). Holder of a US Patent, Dr. Marczyk has developed a new complexity-based theory of risk and rating. He has lived and worked on three continents and is fluent in five languages.
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