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Before starting, we invite you to read "Wikirating:About" in order to give you a first impression of what Wikirating is and how does it work.

How can I contribute?

Regarding the content

Might you have a work dealing with risk management and credit rating? Might you have a private interest about that matter? Or might you have no clue about rating? Don't worry, any profile is helpful:

  • If you are an expert in credit rating business for countries, your input about the new proposed rating method Sovereign Wikirating Index (SWI) is very valuable. Also any other common or even new possible rating methods or calculation criteria are welcome. Please post your comments, suggestions and feedback to the dedicated discussion page to let the community know about the accuracy and the reliability of this method.
  • Contributions to any other credit rating method, especially for companies and structured products are welcome as well.
  • A very important topic are reliable and exact data - if you want to contribute to this, take a look at the data portal.
  • If you have no clue about rating, you can simply navigate within Wikirating, participate or initiate discussions in the forum, hunt bugs, test the Wikirating extensions, correct translation errors, suggest improvements, new features, etc.

Regarding the wiki framework

If you are a interested in technical topics, like enhancing or developing extensions for Wikirating, please contact us directly.

See: Overview of all open Wikirating projects

Regarding the voting

Note: The poll rating method is not used any more - it was active between Oct. 2011 and Nov. 2014

Every user can vote for the rating of countries and companies - the only prerequisite is a free registration at Wikirating. After that, one has for every country/corporation one vote.

See also Help:How to vote

Some important notes before starting to participate

How can I get started?