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Credit Rating - comparisons

The credit rating of Eurozone according to the following rating methods, listed in alphabetical order:

Rating method Rating Date
Poll (Countries) BBB+ 2012
Public Sector Credit Framework (PSCF) n.r. n.a.
Resilience (Countries) n.r. n.a.
Sovereign Wikirating Index (SWI) n.r. n.a.

The credit rating of Eurozone according to the most common rating agencies:

Rating agency Rating
Dagong Global Credit Rating [[Help:Credit rating table|]]
Fitch[3] n.r.
Moody's[3] n.r.
Standard & Poor's[3] n.r.

Member states of the Eurozone[7]

ID Country Region Eurozone EU OECD GDP (PPP)
in bill. US$
GDP per capita (PPP)
in US$
1 150px-Flag of Austria.png Austria (AT) Europe x x x 361.0 43,901
2 150px-Flag of Belgium.png Belgium (BE) Europe x x x 421.7 40,357
3 150px-Flag of Cyprus.png Cyprus (CY) Europe x x 21.6 18,440
4 150px-Flag of Estonia.png Estonia (EE) Europe x x 29.9 23,801
5 150px-Flag of Finland.png Finland (FI) Europe x x x 195.5 37,105
6 150px-Flag of France.png France (FR) Europe x x x 2,276 34,350
7 150px-Flag of Germany.png Germany (DE) Europe x x x 3,227 39,841
8 150px-Flag of Greece.png Greece (GR) Europe x x x 267.1 24,788
9 150px-Flag of Ireland.png Ireland (IE) Europe x x x 190.4 39,398
10 150px-Flag of Italy.png Italy (IT) Europe x x x 1,805 29,264
11 150px-Flag of Latvia.png Latvia (LV) Europe x x 38.9 17,952
12 150px-Flag of Lithuania.png Lithuania (LT) Europe x x 67.4 19,234
13 150px-Flag of Luxembourg.png Luxembourg (LU) Europe x x x 42.7 81,952
14 150px-Flag of Malta.png Malta (MT) Europe x x 11.2 27,190
15 150px-Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands (NL) Europe x x x 699.7 41,458
16 150px-Flag of Portugal.png Portugal (PT) Europe x x x 243.3 22,499
17 150px-Flag of Slovakia.png Slovakia (SK) Europe x x x 133.4 24,506
18 150px-Flag of Slovenia.png Slovenia (SI) Europe x x 57.4 28,849
19 150px-Flag of Spain.png Spain (ES) Europe x x x 1,389 29,096

Note: The poll rating method is not used any more - it was active between Oct. 2011 and Nov. 2014

This credit rating value is intended to represent a mid time period (within 3 years from today). Your poll should consider your opinion about the country's credit rating. You can leave your comment, information and sources for your vote here.

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For the total poll rating with number of votes of Eurozone, see above

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