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According to SWI method
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Credit rating value: 72.2
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Last update:2013-07-14
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Further information about Botswana available at Wikipedia.

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Credit Rating - comparisons

The credit rating of Botswana according to the following rating methods, listed in alphabetical order:

Rating method Rating Date
Poll (Countries) BBB- 2012
Public Sector Credit Framework (PSCF) n.r. n.a.
Resilience (Countries) n.r. n.a.
Sovereign Wikirating Index (SWI) A July 2013

The credit rating of Botswana according to the most common rating agencies:

Rating agency[3] Rating Date
Standard & Poor's A- 2012-02-20[4]
Moody's Investors Service A2 2011-08-05[4]
Fitch Ratings n.r. n.a.[4]

Credit Rating - according to the Sovereign Wikirating Index (SWI)

Evaluation period: July 2013

On Wikirating every approved (reasonable) rating method and its ratings are published. The user can decide which rating he wants to trust. Nevertheless, a non-binding opinion for an overall rating is provided, which is evaluated through the Sovereign Wikirating Index (SWI). This open-source and free rating method uses five economical criteria (public debt, account balance, GDP[1] growth rate, inflation rate and unemployment rate).
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Data and Lists

Credit Rating - according to further methods

If applicable the credit rating of Botswana is also evaluated according to the following rating methods, listed in alphabetical order. Every here accepted and published rating method is equally treated and if possible regularly updated.

Rating Method Poll (Countries)

Evaluation period: 2012

Note: The poll rating method is not used any more - it was active between Oct. 2011 and Nov. 2014

This credit rating value is intended to represent a mid time period (within 3 years from today). Your poll should consider your opinion about the country's credit rating. You can leave your comment, information and sources for your vote here.

More about this method...

For the total poll rating with number of votes of Botswana, see above

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Rating Method Public Sector Credit Framework (PSCF)

Evaluation period: n.a.

The rating method Public Sector Credit Framework (PSCF)[5] calculates government bond default probabilities by performing a multi-year fiscal simulation on the target government. The user of PSCF has to set up a model that forecasts macroeconomic variables, revenue, expenditure and debt levels. Models include random variables so that each simulation trial produces different outcomes. In addition, the user sets a default threshold stated in terms of a metric output by the model, such as Debt/GDP and interest/revenue. The default probability is the percentage of trials that surpass the threshold in any given year. PSCF also includes a default probability to ratings map so that the system can also generate a set of ratings from the simulation results.
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Rating Method Resilience (Countries)

Evaluation period: n.a.

The rating method Resilience[6] is a dynamic rating system which is based on the evaluation of the capacity of systems to withstand shocks and extreme events. It does not calculate default probabilities, but complexity based indices. In this sense it is not a classical "credit rating"[7].On Wikirating, the complexity values are mapped to the credit rating scale to have a better impression.[8]
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