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According to CAI method (unsolicited)

A-[1]See Credit rating table

Outlook: Negative
(last CAI update: 2021-1-18)

Credit ratings from rating agencies and other models, see below.

Revenue (bln USD): $89 (2020-12-31)[2] External Link – last update 2020-12-31 | Market cap. (bln USD) $37 (2021-1-15)[3] External Link – last update 2021-1-15 | Ticker: BMESAN
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Overview of credit ratings of Santander according to the most common rating agencies (CRA) and available rating models (in alphabetical order):

TypeRatingOutlookLast update
Fitch Ratings[4] External Link - last update 2020-6-22CRAA-Negative2020-06-22
Moody's Investors Service[5] External Link - last update 2018-4-17CRAA2Stable2018-04-17
S&P Global Ratings[6] External Link - last update 2020-11-11CRAANegative2020-11-11
Corporation Average Index (CAI)[7]CAI credit ratings are estimated by taking the average of the latest available credit ratings from S&P / Moody's / Fitch.ModelA-Negative2021-01-18
Poll (corporations)[8]See Wikirating 'Rating Method Poll (Corporations)' - 2018-10-15ModelA+Stable2012-03-30


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