Nov 8, 2021: Guest authors Dennis Shen and Levon Kameryan present Scope Ratings’ latest annual external vulnerability and resilience risk assessment framework, evaluating countries’ exposure to external-sector risk under current conditions of high uncertainty. The framework is based upon eight core indicators divided along two axes: external vulnerability and external resilience…

Oct 23, 2021: We have added 26 rated cryptocurrencies and -tokens. In total there are now 252 available rated cryptoassets on Wikirating. For the sake of transparency we also publish unrated cryptoassets. Moreover we also have updated our top 100 cryptoasset list (by market cap).

Oct 20, 2021: Now it’s official: After 10 years we have a brand new website! Apart from the framework (we switched from MediaWiki to WordPress) and the design, we also cleaned up the whole platform. More than 1’000 content sites and more than 600 user accounts have been migrated. Of course some technical background processes have been optimized as well. We hope that you like our new website – if you have ideas and proposals, feel free to contact us!

Wikirating evaluates sovereign credit ratings which consider economic indicators – for nearly all countries in the world. The results are compared to the latest ratings of the common rating agencies.

rated Sovereign Countries

We compare the rating agencies’ credit ratings of the top global corporations and estimate an unique rating for each one.

listed Corporate Ratings

Wikirating regularly updates crypto ratings of the most common cryptocurrencies and -tokens based on the analysis of reliable crypto rating firms.

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rated Cryptocurrencies and -tokens

We maintain the most comprehensive list of credit/crypto rating agencies (accredited/not accredited by SEC, ESMA, FINMA and other regulators) in the world.

listed Rating Agencies

This area is intended to be the container for all used data/documents on Wikirating. It concerns textual reports, direct (raw) data, as well as derived (computed) data files in a common and convenient format for computing.


Cryptoasset Ratings – How they evolved so far

In January we announced a partnership with the crypto rating agencies Baserank and Weiss Crypto Ratings to publish regularly ratings for cryptocurrencies and -tokens. Since then Wikirating has weekly updated…

Wikirating is a global organization for credit ratings, its methods and accordant data. It offers transparent and unbiased information for investors, analysts, economists and everyone interested in credit ratings. Our key areas are: